Our Mission

It is P&T Trading’s mission to provide the Japanese fashion industry with new, innovative, and sophisticated fashion products and accessories. This is accomplished by introducing selected foreign brands to the Japanese consumer, and assists entrepreneurs who we represent in achieving financial success by enhancing their business experience and expanding market opportunities in Japan.

Company Chronology

1999 P&T Trading Inc, established.
2007 Dante Del Cielo established.
2011 Visionize established.
2013 BML Enterprise established.
2016 Medeiros Holdings established.
2016 Umami Burger Japan established.

Founder: Paul Medeiros

In 1999, Paul Medeiros founded P & T Trading - a company that has strong roots in the Japanese fashion market. P & T Trading is committed to providing exceptional jewelry, eyewear, watches, and apparel through its well-known global brands. It maintains a unique and diverse network, with every major high-end department stores and over 200 high-end fashion select specialty stores throughout Japan. Prior to founding P & T Trading, Paul worked as an project manager for KDDI Corporation, the largest international telecommunications company in Japan. He was fortunate to be recruited by KDDI while still a university student. The combined academic and on-hands business experience through KDDI provided Paul with the fundamental tools needed to succeed in business. While at KDDI, Paul assisted in managing several private and public telecommunication accounts. His primary areas of expertise included sales, contract negotiations, and market analysis. It is clear that working for KDDI provided Paul with the essential hands-on experience to enhance his portfolio. On the personal side, Paul was born in Japan and raised in a bilingual home. His father, a U.S. born educator, provided him with a strong foundation of the English language and Western cultural. While his Japanese mother, helped Paul understand the Japanese language and educated him in the vital cultural nuances that make up Japanese society. He received his primary and secondary education at St. Mary’s International School in Tokyo. After high school he attended the University of Maryland to study Business and Management. In 1999, Paul left KDDI to establish P & T Trading.

President & CEO: Tatsuhiro Kaiho

In 2000, Tatsuhiro joined the ranks of P & T Trading as Managing Director. Tatsuhiro, a graduate of Teikyo University, quickly demonstrated a keen understanding of the Japanese fashion market and offered valuable insight for P & T Trading to advance its mission. Having worked with Paul in the past, Tatsuhiro demonstrated the positive potential he would bring to P & T Trading enhanced by his positive work ethic. This inspired Paul to advance Tatsuhiro to the position of Director of Personnel. Then in 2014, promoting him to president & CEO of P & T Trading. Prior to joining P & T Trading, Tatsuhiro was a Systems Engineer at Tsuzuki Software – a part of the Fujitsu Group.

Group Company

BML Enterprise Inc
20150 Via Galileo, Porter Ranch
CA 91326
TEL: +1-310-614-8040
E-mail: paul@bml-enterprise.com
President/CEO: Paul T. Medeiros